I LIFTED my Scouting Spirits at Gilwell with
The Kybo Cowboys' DOUBLE A RANCH
Muriel in tent, and Arn at entrance 
Foreground (?). (?), Connie and (?)
Kathy and Richard
Arn, (Visitors - Reunion Speaker William "Green Bar Bill"
and Jim "Spider"  - Agincourt) and (?)
The Hitching Post
Grace and MaryAnne
'Rosey', (?), Lenore and Bob
(?) and (?)
Hi-O-Silver Away-y-y-y
Elaine, MaryAnne and (?)
(?), Arn, Pete and Bud
Bob and Roy
Al, Toni, Joe and May
Toni and Betty
1989 (?)
1987, 1988 and 1989
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Mandy and Barbara
1988 - Jimmy and "Dolly"