I LIFTED my Scouting Spirits at Gilwell with
L to R (?), Bob, Kathy, Larry, May, Connie, (?) behind, Sandra,
Jim, Wimpy, (?), (?), Toni .....  and Al laying down in front.
Sandra, May, Jack, Toni and Donna
May and Toni
Jack (in the stripes) and May with the sign
Jack, Sandra, Donna, Toni and May
May and Toni
Bob, Boris, Evelyn, Sandra, Connie, Muriel and Grace
Sandra, Dona, Toni and May
Jack was Elected
(?), (?) and (?)
Donna, Jack, Sandra, Toni and May
Parading our Candidate
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1984   & 1985
Toni and Bob
(?), Donna and Larry ...
Boris and Al in background
May and Toni
Peggy and the Bull
Offloading behind the Training Lodge was also an option
Peggy the Matador
Peggy and (?)
Sandra and Donna
Frank, Carl, Rita, Harold, Jack and Dave